Wolverine Bowl, for a Third Time

The weather pattern has finally returned back to normal…where it actually snows.  We ended up getting 20-30″ over the week, which I was very excited about.  So, I went touring with two friends from work, Brett and my italian friend Gian Luca.  Unfortunately, the avalanche danger is still really high on steep north facing slopes (which happen to be the best slopes to ski), so I played it safe and went to Wolverine Bowl, again.  This bowl has been great this year; because its high enough to get and keep snow, its a relatively sheltered open north east face, and its is not very steep (keeping the avalanche danger low in this one area).  The temperature was nice and the sky was sunny.  Turned out to be a really fun day.

I’ve been accessing Wolverine Bowl by heading up Grizzly Gulch, from Alta; and then across Patsey Marley Peak to the Wolverine Cirque ridge.  Then, after traversing the ridge, I’ve been skinning up the south west face of Mount Wolverine, to a micro saddle just below the summit.  When leaving, I’ve been heading south from the saddle between Mount Wolverine and Tuscarora Peak, skiing down into Alta Ski Resort (just below Catherine’s Pass).

Here I'm at 10,600 feet elevation, skinning up to the summit of Mount Wolverine, as the sun rises

Here I’m at 10,500 feet elevation, skinning up to the summit of Mount Wolverine from the west ridge, as the sun rises

Gian Luca enjoying the powder

Gian Luca enjoying the powder

Brett's turn to enjoy the powder

Brett’s turn to have fun

Our handy work

Our handy work, by the end of the day.  No one else ever showed up, so we had the whole bowl to our selves

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